Apologetics Thursday: The Person and Deity of Jesus Christ (John 10:22-39)


  1. Jesus claims messiahship (24-25a)
  • Cp. his word to John the Baptist’s followers in Matthew 11
  • He would make this explicitly clear when riding into Jerusalem, in direct, deliberate fulfillment of Zech. 9:9
  1. Jesus claims divine prerogative (28-29)
  • I give my sheep eternal life
  • They will never perish because no one can snatch them out of My hand
  1. Jesus claims equality with God (30)
  • I and the Father are one
  • “The” Father; Whom they would (and did) clearly understand to be referring to God
  1. Pharisees understand His claims to divinity (31-33)
  • A helpful evidence to verify this claim is His opponent’s reaction
  • It’s as though Jesus asked them just to make it clear that they understood His claim! 
  • Ultimately the charge of blasphemy would be the reason for Jesus’ crucifixion (from their perspective)
  1. Jesus further emphasizes His claim to Divinity (34-38)
  • Jesus is at least able to use the term that is used of Israel’s judges (Psalm 82:6)

He points to His words, and His works to demonstrate that He also transcends that meaning, and that as judges themselves, they should be able to judge this as being true

Contradictions between the Bible and Mormon writings?

in our introduction to our apologetics series: Always Be Ready, I had mentioned a question that I’m in the habit of asking Mormons when they come to my home. It turns out I forgot to say what the question was! in this podcast I’ll let you know what the question was, as well as some other insights that I’ve learned in my conversations with Mormons.