Thank you Ravi: You wore His coat well

One the first Christian books I read as a new believer was “A shattered visage.” it was important and enormously formative of my own sensitivities regarding what it meant to be a minister of the Gospel. Ravi had the ability to share richly philosophical and deeply intellectual ideas with such humanity in the love of Christ.

As Ravi enters his reward, we say adieu, and I find myself a better Christian for having come to know Jesus better through Ravi’s service to Him. Thank you Ravi…you wore His coat well.

An early exposure to Ravi’s ministry was this video that I watched from a 1983 conference in Amsterdam that he spoke at. This message was given almost 10 years before I would become a Christian. It’s a testimony to how a ministry committed to making known the God of Truth can have lasting impact. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired by it.

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