The baptism of the Holy Spirit and slaying in the spirit

One thought on “The baptism of the Holy Spirit and slaying in the spirit”

  1. So what does Paul mean when he says he prays with the Spirit without understanding what he is praying but then he prays with the understanding? Is he saying that God knows the language he is praying in though his own understanding of what he is praying is unfruitful? He exhorts these believers not to utter out in an unknown language (tongue) in the assembly, unless someone present has the gift of interpreting the unknown language, OR the person speaking has faith to pray for the interpretation and then give the interpretation. There just seems to be some sort of different between having the gift of tongues and being enabled to at will pray in tongues. I’ve thought this could be what Paul refers to in Romans 8 when he speaks of not knowing what to pray (with his understanding), but being confident that when he prays without his understanding that the Holy Spirit prays according to the perfect will of God through Paul yielding his will to pray in the unknown language. Just seeking clarity.


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