2 thoughts on “UFOs…and the rapture?”

  1. I’m glad you opened the discussion about aliens :) It gives me chance to offer another possibility and prove my ignorance ;)
    There has been discussions that the antichrist may be Muslim. I don’t know either way, but:
    The Muslims believe in a rapture. That Allah can not return till the “sinners” are taken out of the way and until the Earth has been cleansed of the Church (all Christianity) and eliminated or “Removed”, their god can not return.
    After the Rapture, could this be the Lie that the bible talks about? The Antichrist “Allah” could then be setup in the Temple declaring himself as god?
    The front page Democratic news would be… “See…we told you so” :)
    Sorry… Had to bash the Dems just a little.


    1. Hi Bill!
      Thanks for your note :)

      I’ve also read about some of these ideas (in some ways, it’s kind of a Muslim “Kingdom Dominion” kind of theology) ;)

      One challenge with the muslim antichrist theory is that in Deuteronomy 18:18 (often pointed to as a messianic prophecy), Moses speaks of the Lord raising up another prophet, like Moses from among their brethren. I would think that this would cause their expectation to be for an ethnically Jewish Messiah. That said, many in Israel currently are looking for a Messiah who will let them build their temple. A Muslim who provides a way for them to do this ( and bring “peace” between Jews & Muslims) might well be embraced by Israel. Time will tell!

      Hey bro, thanks again for your note!


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