Mark 2:18-22: Regarding Fasting


Biblical fasting

  1. Fasting is often practiced for its health, system cleansing benefits
  • Daniel Fast
  • Fasting as a general practice in the world
  1. Fasting as a biblical practice
  1. A regular practice
  • A focus on denying the flesh as we seek to draw closer to the Lord
  1. Specific fasting

Spiritual preparation for ministry 

  • Matt. 4, Luke 4: Jesus’ own ministry
  • Matt. 17:21: This kind only comes out with prayer and fasting
  • Acts 13:1-3: In concert with prayer/worship for God’s wisdom and direction: direction
  • Ezra 8:21-23: In concert with prayer for God’s protection

The question at hand regarding fasting

  1. In the context of a wedding (the presence of the Bridegroom), fasting would be inappropriate
  • The image of the wedding is often used in both the Old and New Testaments
  • While the Bridegroom is here, the response should be one of joy
  • There will soon come the time when the Bridegroom will be taken away, and fasting will become necessary 
  1. Old/New cloth
  • You wouldn’t expect to fix up an old cloth with new cloth
  • Jesus didn’t come to “patch up” the Old Covenant, but to fulfill its purpose, and introduce the New Covenant
  1. Old/New Wine & wineskins
  • Old wineskins are inadequate to hold new wine, therefore a new/fresh wineskin is necessary for new wine
  • The Law was adequate for what it was intended to hold, but not for the new wine/Covenant

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