Apologetics Thursday: The Person and Deity of Jesus Christ (John 10:22-39)


  1. Jesus claims messiahship (24-25a)
  • Cp. his word to John the Baptist’s followers in Matthew 11
  • He would make this explicitly clear when riding into Jerusalem, in direct, deliberate fulfillment of Zech. 9:9
  1. Jesus claims divine prerogative (28-29)
  • I give my sheep eternal life
  • They will never perish because no one can snatch them out of My hand
  1. Jesus claims equality with God (30)
  • I and the Father are one
  • “The” Father; Whom they would (and did) clearly understand to be referring to God
  1. Pharisees understand His claims to divinity (31-33)
  • A helpful evidence to verify this claim is His opponent’s reaction
  • It’s as though Jesus asked them just to make it clear that they understood His claim! 
  • Ultimately the charge of blasphemy would be the reason for Jesus’ crucifixion (from their perspective)
  1. Jesus further emphasizes His claim to Divinity (34-38)
  • Jesus is at least able to use the term that is used of Israel’s judges (Psalm 82:6)

He points to His words, and His works to demonstrate that He also transcends that meaning, and that as judges themselves, they should be able to judge this as being true